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Stokes, Shapes & Scenes - online/streaming

The TV Teacher creates another innovative winner! For children in Pre-K just beginning to hold a crayon, to those in kindergarten needing help with basic drawing skills, this online pre-writing program is packed with fun and learning.


Learn the basic pre-writing strokes (|, -, +, \, x) with Miss Marnie as she uses visual demonstrations and sings her catchy songs! This engaging section includes age appropriate demonstrations of children practicing these strokes in various sensory textures such as shaving cream, sand, finger-paint, etc. …as well as writing. This segment is perfect for young children in Pre-K – helping to build strong motor planning foundations before they learn to write the alphabet.


Learning to make shapes like circles, squares, triangles and rectangles has never been easier! Miss Marnie teaches how to draw these basic shapes with her catchy songs, and, along with other children, will draw pictures you can make from them! Did you know a triangle can become a dress? Each shape chapter video illustrates at least eight creative picture ideas. This developmental section of chapters encourages creativity and abstract thinking. Also contained in this stage is a large chapter on drawing an oval, a heart, and a five pointed star! This section is sure to spark your child’s imagination!


Come along on four great adventures: the store, the lake, home, and the park. Each one is presented in a separate chapter where you can have fun with Miss Marnie and then draw a complete picture about your adventure. This stage encourages memory recall as well as reinforcing basic drawing skills: people, a house, a tree, fish, boats, swings, and more! This online pre-writing program will help motivate any child from Pre-K to Kindergarten to draw their next adventure!


The user-friendly menu can easily be navigated to any individual chapter, or play all chapters within a given stage.

Stokes, Shapes & Scenes - online/streaming

  • After your first year, you will be charged a nominal $10/year maintenance fee to continue using your online/streaming license.  There will be only one charge per email license, NOT by each individual product you purchase; so the total is only $10 a year.

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