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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your programs just for children with special needs?

No. These programs are made for any child who wants to have fun and learn! Yes, there are many testimonials from parents and teachers of children with special needs because they have seen such remarkable results. Because of this, our program is being widely used in the special needs community – there is such a great need for our fun and effective products. Our programs are, however, used in “typical” kindergarten classes as well – schools ranking in the top 1% of their state, for instance!

What type of writing style does your program use?

Our handwriting program uses block letter style. Children seem to grasp this formation easier than programs with curves and swirls.

Is The TV Teacher compatible with other handwriting programs?

Any program that uses block letter style can use our chants and video to assist with formation. Some parents and teachers use our video and chants concurrently with other programs; some have switched to ours after previously using other programs, and all have reported great success!

I previously purchased your video programs (i.e. DVD, flash drive or download). Can I exchange these so I can have access to your online streaming format instead?

Unfortunately, No.  We offered an option to convert for a reduced price for a year and a half when we first created our online/streaming platform, but that opportunity is no longer available.  You will need to purchase the online programs.  After the first year of purchase, there will be a nominal $10/year maintenance fee to continue accessing the online platform.


Do you still offer DVDs and physical workbooks?

We have some DVDs and workbooks still available in inventory but are phasing out this offering.  Please contact us to inquire about availability:  770-971-0450.  They are the same price as the online streaming options, but an additional shipping cost would need to be added.  

Who are your videos appropriate for?

Any child who is learning to write or draw. The recommended age range is 2 – 8 years for the Strokes, Shapes, & Scenes and Fun Foundations videos, and 3 – 7 years for our Alphabet Beats and Number Beats programs.

Is your program downloadable?

No, it is only available in DVD or online/streaming options.

Do your DVDs work on a computer?

Yes (if you have a DVD drive). But the disc will not work in a CD-ROM only player. Also, the DVDs will not work on Chrome books. Our online/streaming, however, will play on Chrome books.

Is this program appropriate for home-schooling?

Absolutely! Our programs are a perfect match for the home-schooled child. They are flexible, fun, effective, and affordable. They also do not require any training classes, but for best results, please watch the program instructions chapter on the video program menu, or read the instructions insert located inside the DVD case. An excerpt from The Old Schoolhouse review said, “…The TV Teacher is the first program that has had any of my boys asking to do penmanship lessons. …I think this program is worth every penny, and I highly recommend it.”

Do you offer discounts to schools, military families, or those homeschooled?

No. We priced our products as inexpensively as possible. We sincerely believe that once you see the results, you will agree that each program is a tremendous value for the price. However, our COMPV, COMPBEG, and COMPALL packages are discounted year-round and available to everyone.

Is there a money back guarantee?

We feel so confident that you and your children will love our programs, that we offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please call us for return details.

Can I find your program in stores or in specialty/school based catalogs?

No. We switched to being a sole-vendor in 2014. We found that it was much easier and faster for schools to purchase our program if we were the sole supplier. It eliminated the process (and wait time) that was needed for them to get bids from various companies. Go to our School POs tab for our W9 and sole vendor letter.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. We accept POs from public schools, private schools and other governmental agencies from the U.S. and Canada. Go to our School POs tab for our W9 and sole vendor letter. 

What is the copyright on your products?

Our video programs may be used for one classroom of children (approx. 30 students) It is unlawful to broadcast our program to several classrooms at once using the same video purchase.  Download this document for more information on our Privacy Policy.

Can I get a replacement DVD if it has a scratch on it and won't play anymore?

We do offer a $10 replacement option (with free shipping of the new DVD). Please contact us for instructions:  770-971-0450.

What if my child is left-handed?

We have had many left-handed children use our program, all reporting great success. Letter formations should be made the same way regardless of which hand is used. Although “Miss Marnie” demonstrates writing with her right hand, the auditory chants we use (and those that will be recalled by each user), are entirely ambidextrous. Example chant of lowercase b: “long line down, bring it up and around, b.” As with all our users, we encourage parents and teachers to help guide the child with a hand-over-hand grasp to help the child formulate each letter until they feel comfortable attempting to write on their own.

How do I play the different chapters?

On an iPad, go to the menu button and tap on any chapter you want. Use the DVD’s remote control directional arrow buttons to move to any letter, number, or shape on your menu. Then hit the “enter” or “play” button. On the computer, use the mouse to point and click to begin the chapter. On any device, after each chapter, the program will return to this main menu.

At what age should I teach my child to write?

Children have been noted by multiple developmental scales to show an interest in holding a crayon and crossing lines between 2-3 years of age. Although our Strokes, Shapes, and Scenes video will teach younger children more age appropriate pre-writing skills, our Alphabet Beats videos may serve as an introduction to letters and a fantastic way to learn new words that begin with that letter. Parents have reported being surprised at how quickly a child can learn and recite a letter chant.

How important is it to follow the program instructions?

In order to help your child learn without frustration, we highly recommend following the protocol that can be found on paper (in the DVD insert) and in video format on the video main menu labeled Program Instructions. Many of the children who watch this program discover that viewing multiple chapters can be over stimulating. We encourage parents, teachers, and therapists to treat this program as a learning tool and proceed at the individual child’s pace.

What if my child's grip on a pencil is too weak to write?

There are many reasons for a weak grip on a pencil or writing utensil. An occupational therapist or teacher may provide recommendations for strengthening this grip, such as using oversized writing utensils. While this video’s main focus is writing, many children find watching Miss Marnie to be extremely motivating. Helping children form shapes, letters, or numbers using their whole hand or index (pointer) finger can be fun and motivating to them. Parents and teachers can form letters in the air, tracing a letter from a puzzle with their finger, or even making letters while finger painting. Remember the #1 goal is for your child to walk away feeling confident and motivated. Children may require assistance multiple times before they get “the hang of it”, and that is OK! Teach at their pace, and make it enjoyable!

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