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Let's Draw! - online/streaming

By popular demand, Let’s Draw is our newest drawing curriculum based on the well loved “scenes” part of our Strokes, Shapes & Scenes program. 


Have adventures with Miss Marnie  as she bakes muffins, goes bowling, takes a school trip to the farm, and goes to the movies. Then go back to the studio and draw the adventure together!  Our fun video modeling approach will have even the most resistant young writer happy and motivated to draw their own experience.

The user-friendly menu can easily be navigated to any individual chapter, or play all chapters within a given stage.

Let's Draw! - online/streaming

  • After your first year, you will be charged a nominal $10/year maintenance fee to continue using your online/streaming license.  There will be only one charge per email license, NOT by each individual product you purchase; so the total is only $10 a year.

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